Filtration Phases

  • Operator initiated by placing the Filter Pump selector switch to Hand. The Filter Pump fills the Filter body with liquid from the dirty reservoir.

  • Bump Cylinder mounted on top of the Filter Head and is connected to the Filter Tube Bundle. When the Bump Cylinder is actuated, Filter media is dislodged along with dirt particles which have been collected by the filter during the On Stream Phase.

  • Precoat devices provide isolated containment of the D.E. until it is deposited on the Filter Tubes to form a filter cake

  • Working phase of the filter system. The Filter Pump takes liquid from the dirty section of the reservoir , pumping it through the Filter and discharging it into the clean section of the reservoir.

  • The Filter is pressurized with compressed air and the Transfer Valves are opened allowing the contents of the Filter to be transferred to the Sludge receiver. The Transfer Valves are closed at the end of the Transfer Cycle leaving the Filter ready for a new filter cycle as described above.

  • Porous pad in the bottom of the removable Sludge Receiver Pot which acts as a barrier to the solids in the transferred slurry and allows the liquid in the slurry to pass through.